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Interested in partnering with us and having your campground displayed on our site?

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How can we help?
Our company provides a platform that will allow users to search and book their stay at campgrounds who partner with us. There is no charge for campgrounds to enroll and we receive a commission for reservations that are booked and completed. We will continue to adopt the latest tools and technology while generating rich features that will help increase your occupancy rate and generate revenue.

CampReward will add value
We understand the needs of campgrounds and RV Parks because we love camping and RV travel too. We love the outdoors and our CampReward brings us closer to our passion:

Q: What will partnering with CampReward entail?
A: Campground owners/ management will be able to access you account via a secured login area. You can update your campground's account 24/7. Some items you can view and update are your amenities, attractions, photos, pricing, activities, description narratives, campsites/ cabins, etc. We strongly encourage you to add as much detailed in-formation about your campground as possible. The more detailed information you pro-vide, the higher the booking conversion rate you may get.

Q: What technology will be incorporated?
A: Our developers are working to ensure our website integrates with the numerous reservations systems that campgrounds use so data can be transferred to and from the systems. If a campground does not use a reservation system, we will be able to provide them with a reservation system, at little to no cost, through our partner Open Campground.

● Gain exposure
● Easy to join
● 24/7 Access
● Increase occupancy
● Competitive commission rate
● No cost to join or market

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